Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping

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Taken from ’12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos’ by Jordan Peterson.

I thought this was quite a fitting statement for our week on health.

Anyone that has children, or even pets, are quick to action help, aid or advice to someone/something the are responsible for. Yet they are slow or unmotivated to action positive change for themselves. 

Think how much time you spend worrying about those you are responsible for. Do you spend that same amount of time and concern on yourself?

I am not for a moment suggesting that you put yourself first. However, I think great benefit can be achieved by treating yourself like you are responsible for yourself - because YOU ARE!

Helping yourself puts you in a better position to help others.

Improving your diet can have a positive effect on your families diet. You can try new things, and share your discoveries with those that you cook for and look after.

Moving and taking time to exercise can enhance your mood, give you more energy and be more awesome to be around!

Working on getting a better nights sleep allows you to be more disciplined and productive, inspiring others to make change.

Not only that, you have control over all these elements - more than many give themselves credit for. You are also worth the time and the benefits are worth the effort.

Later on today, myself and Scott talk about our health on the BearWolf Training podcast in the interest of creating habits that allow us to look after ourselves better. Get involved and use the scoring system we created as a way to do the same and be sure to listen to the podcast to see how we get on!

Happy Tuesday everyone - go out there and give it your best shot.





5 Minutes

2 x Squat

2 x Squat Thrusts

Ascending ladder in multiples of 2

How high can you climb?


This week is all about being healthy, so get stuck in! 

ANYONE can spare 5 minutes, put the effort in and reap the rewards.

You might not think its much, but 5 minutes is better than nothing and a great stepping stone to working out more frequently.

Join the pack (click HERE) and see how Francis and the other members get on!

Some of you may want to challenge Francis and see if you can beat him, but we are happy when people just get involved and push themselves to do the best that they can! Become one of those people and do us and yourself proud!




What is health?

Simply put, it is a mind/body that functions efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately, we tend to only care about it when our health becomes a problem.

For example, how many times do you approach training/work wishing you had a better nights sleep?

It is not difficult to appreciate that improving your health puts you in a better position to tackle anything.

A great nights sleep has a huge impact on how you feel and function, so its worth your attention.

Obviously a medical professional will be able to assess your health in detail and plan towards improving it. 

We are not doctors, but we know some simple changes that can have a positive effect.

Along with being a more awesome version of yourself, you are more likely to be better in the gym and hit your goal more efficiently.

One way we do this is to address elements of your life that have room for improvement in making you feel better.

Once you do that, its all about building a habit that aids this element and makes you more awesome.

Join the BearWolf pack and learn how we do this.

If not, think about your fitness with a more holistic approach rather than just sets, reps, carbs, protein etc.


A moment of great appreciation and thanks to our incredible team.

We are so proud of the coaches that have helped BearWolf become BearWolf.

These are the guys that represent us, help a huge amount of people and are all awesome in their own unique ways - professionally and personally.

Thanks team - we couldn't do it without you.


Setting your expectations for stretching.

Too often we look for instant gratification. We want sweat, muscle pumps, and strain to tell us that we are doing the right thing. Lifting weights or doing some intense conditioning achieve this!

Stretching - not so much. You don’t get into a stretch and feel those calories burning or your biceps getting bigger.

Does that make it less important?

You may have seen this picture of Ryan and Francis on our Social Media.

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Ryan had just come back from a weightlifting seminar and was testing out some of his newly acquired knowledge on poor Francis.

One of the main things Ryan took away from the seminar, was the importance of stretching. He saw an elite athlete throw some heavy weight around like it was nothing. Ultimately Ryan wants to be shifting heavier and heavier weights. It’s easy to get lost in this and focus purely on lifting. Instead, Ryan cleverly opted to work on his movement and flexibility and came away with a source of inspiration that will probably serve him better long term.

I know people go on about mobility all the time and it isn’t the most exciting element of fitness. However, I don’t think there is anyone who can honestly say that they don’t need to stretch more or wouldn’t benefit from being more mobile.

So why don’t we?

Its dull! You are holding positions, focussing on your breathing and not actively building muscle or burning fat. With my own workouts, if I’m short on time, you can be sure that mobility is the first component of the workout that I scrap.

When you lift a weight, you feel like you are doing something positive, its easy for this not to be the case when you stretch. However, it is the case. You don't need me to explain why a better quality squat has a greater potential to be strong/safe and aid in longevity. Now is the time to do something about it so that you can utilise those benefits.

We need to learn to reframe our minds so that we are looking to the long term.

Instant gratification will not happen with stretching. For those that don’t take the time to stretch you need to do the minimal effective dose. The smallest amount of stretching that will make progress.

This is your minimal effective dose.

Everyday - 1 stretch, 2 minutes.

The stretch is up to you, (why not ask one of us for some help on identifying one that suits you best) the two minutes can be spared by anyone.

This won’t be enough to get an olympic gold medal, but its better than nothing!

Then, your only focus is on consistency.

When will you do the stretch? What time? Make it so simple and with so few obstacles that there’s no way you won’t do it.

Im committing myself to it - do something for yourself and get involved!

Who is with me and who needs some help?

2 Questions that can change your life!

  1. How would you like your life to be different. Be specific, think about the habits you follow, how you would feel and how your body would look/function.

  2. What is stopping you?

Lets make this ultra simple.

Question 1 helps you clarify what you want. Question 2 outlines the obstacles in your path.

All this does, is highlight the solutions that you need to find.

Still struggling?

Then try answering question 2 WITHOUT

  • Making excuses.

  • Blaming anyone else.

You will likely draw a loose solution

“I need to manage my time better”

“I need to care more about the food I eat”

“I need to look more long term”

That is all you are looking for, positive action!

Focus on the small change that will make you better than yesterday.

Its in your control - take it!


Every week, Coach Francis commits to creating and doing a workout for the members of the BearWolf pack.

Typically the workouts hit the following structure.

  • They take no more than 10 minutes.

  • They require no equipment.

  • They don’t require too much space.

  • They can be scaled to any ability level.

  • They get your heart rate up and burn some calories.

This makes them perfect for busy people looking to get a quick fitness hit from anywhere!

The best thing is - They are all free.

Sign up to the BearWolf Pack for zero commitment and get access to all these workouts - its so simple!

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5 tips to get up and train early!

It requires a certain amount of discipline to get up early and head to the gym before work.

There are lots of people that want to do this, but when the time comes, they can’t get out of bed and decide to put training off until the evening after work.

If you are one of these people - try the following.


This helps you build a routine, making that early morning not seem so early.


This could be as simple as spending time with your family. If you need to get your sessions in, then you HAVE to get up early.


Spend the hour before you go to sleep winding down. Relax, put down the phone and unwind. This allows you to get a better nights sleep and wake up feeling fresher.


If you currently wake up at 8am, do you realistically see yourself getting up at 5.30am? Scale down gradually and get used to the early mornings. Why not start by getting up half an hour earlier and do a 30 min home workout? This keeps you from missing your goal and getting demotivated.


Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room, forcing you to get out of bed. Have your gym kit ready to get into and go! Reduce the obstacles/excuses and make your life easier!

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We are two weeks in to our Nutrition focus group.

One of the elements we addressed is the importance of hydration.

Everyone knows that water is great, but what is great water?

The quality of the water you drink has a huge impact on its effectiveness. Unfortunately tap water is a poor quality of water. Have a read of this article to find out more -

For this reason, we advise that the group drink a litre of mineral water each day. They have all attacked the challenge and we are getting updated with loads of pictures of them finishing water and feeling great for it.

Think about the positive impact this can have on any body for any goal.

It is truly awesome to see and be a part of!

Get involved and start changing the way you hydrate today.

New Equipment Arrives!

The exclusive personal training area has been updated with some new equipment. This space is used purely by the coaches with their clients, as a dedicated area to accomplish awesome things.

A new squat rack, and a new lifting platform means that no one will ever have to wait to squat or deadlift - its the way a gym should be!

Love to update the gym at any opportunity and keep providing our staff and customers with new toys.



Our Nutrition Focus Group starts TOMORROW night.

If you aren’t losing weight but want to.

If you know you should make a change but never do.

If you think things will be different in the New Year, but know they won’t be.

Don’t be full of regret.

Do something about it!

Sign up now and let us help you.


Make food simple again!

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Matt’s simple solution for people that :

a.) Don’t get enough protein in their diet.

b.) Don’t get enough veg in their diet.

c.) Want to save money and use up leftovers.

d.) Don’t have much time to do it in!

This solution is in the BearWolf Pack today! But plenty more will be dished out over the 8-week nutrition course.

If you are on the fence, come on over and let us help you overcome everyday nutrition problems in time for Christmas!

The pack is totally FREE so join today

And the course kicks off soon! So get signed up if you haven’t already.



Have you

a.) Looked in the mirror and not felt good about it.

b.) Woke up and felt exhausted.

c.) Struggled to concentrate on an important task.

d.) Eaten something that you wish you hadn’t.

Imagine how much better you life could be if you fixed just one of these problems.

Life doesn’t have to be this way. You are unique, but the solutions to these common struggles have been figured out. We have helped incredibly busy people overcome them.

You can continue being fed up, or you can create some action and do something about it in time for Christmas.

Our nutrition group has 2 spaces left. You can find plenty of reasons to not claim one of the remaining slots - none of those reasons will help you.

Get involved, don’t put it off for a New Years resolution, start now!