'Can you recommend any fitness books?'

Anyone with any Christmas book/amazon vouchers who is looking for a way to spend them - Here are a few suggestions that will help you on your way to fitness glory!

I get asked often if I can recommend any books. First off - I have purposely chosen books that are more about ‘doing’ rather than those that take on more of a science text book approach. The main reason being is that the method is fairly clear cut, and most people will benefit through application rather than theory.

These books are easy to read and understand, but that by no means reduces their effectiveness. If anything, I think it enhances it!

This is something I will likely do every month. Here are the first 4 to get you started.

1.) Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr Kelly Starrett.

This is awesome for people that are new to mobility. It will help you identify shortcomings in your movement quality and provide you with exercises/drills to fix them. I use information from this book daily for both myself and with clients.

I’m yet to meet anyone who wouldn't benefit from putting more focus and attention towards their mobility - Its the quickest route to reducing your chase of injury and increasing your strength potential. This is a great place to start!

2.) The Education of a Bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you are looking at building muscle, then this book is a great motivator. It wont tell you how to pile on pounds of muscle, but its a biography on Arnold’s life as he becomes Mr Olympia. Stories of him escaping the Military to attend his first competition and how he would squat till he couldn’t move will get you fired up!

You might not be his biggest fan, but he has lead a pretty incredible life and a great example of how you can beat the odds to achieve your goal.

3.) The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters

This isn’t so much a fitness book, but it may help with your approach to training and nutrition. For me, it gave me a great awareness of how and why I make decisions. This led to me becoming far more productive by reducing the amount I procrastinated. If you struggle to make it into the gym, or make poor decisions with your nutrition - you could find this book extremely useful.

4.) Strength Training Anatomy by Frederick Delavier

This book will equip you with a good library of exercises. By extending your exercise library is that it allows you to adapt and use alternatives if the gym is busy. 

Each one has a hand drawn anatomical breakdown of the movement that highlights the muscles worked. This gives you a better understanding of each movement and allows you to train more effectively.

Check them out on Amazon - Happy Shopping and Reading!

Post any of your recommendations below!