Movement Screen



Every client we have, be it 1 to 1 or online, goes through a movement screen.

This is a quick test where we assess a persons mobility through 4 basic movements.

From top left going clockwise.

  • The Squat
  • The Lunge
  • The Overhead Press
  • The Hinge


These movements demonstrate a fundamental understanding of movement and opens up a huge combination of movements you can accomplish by co-ordinating them.


Our job is to tailor workouts to the individual. If someone cannot mimic the the hinge movement, it wont be safe for them to perform a heavy deadlift off the floor. With it being a fundamental movement, we would prioritise stretches and mobility drills that are designed to help the client accomplish the hinge. This allows us to design workouts that will both reduce the risk of injury and increase their potential for strength.

Movement quality is the most undervalued element of health and fitness. The reason being, because its not very sexy. ‘Move Better’ doesn’t sell magazines or nutritional supplements the same way as abs do! The importance of mobility is enhanced by the fact that we regularly find ourselves in positions that aren't good for us. The main culprit is sitting!

Heres why

Click the image to enlarge. Also check out

Obviously, this isn’t going to happen the moment you take a seat. But, it is worth taking into consideration if you have a desk job and/or spend a number of hours sitting per day. Not that I have sat and counted, but I would say that roughly 90% of the people that struggle with the movement screen, do so because of sitting.


Take a look at some short video tutorials on how to complete each movement. Our best advice is to film yourself doing them and compare. Feel free to send us any videos and we can give you advice on what you need to work on. Each one you are able to do, opens up a wide range of movements. Once you can do them all, you will have a HUGE library of exercises available to you.

If you struggle on one in particular - spend 10 minutes a day working on it. It will soon develop and you will notice big improvements on key exercises that may have been previously restricted.