Lifting weights for fat loss?

There is a method to creating a great body. However you define a 'great body', chances are the most efficient route to attaining that look is through weights and ‘bodybuilding’ - Even if your goal is fat loss. 

Putting on/‘shaping’ muscle is a slow enough process (particularly in females) that you would achieve an aesthetic looking body way before a bulky one. Muscles move your bones, so its important that you move and work them. The structure of how you lift weights (exercises/reps/sets/speed/rest) will dictate the desired outcome (muscle gain/fat loss/performance increase).

Its obvious to understand the importance of weight lifting to become more muscular or powerful. However, all of the training plans I write involve weight lifting to a minimum requirement of retaining lean muscle.

Take BearWolf Sabina for example. Her goal was fat loss. We achieved this through her lifting like a bodybuilder and changing some elements of how she ate. We didn't need cardio in the form of treadmills etc, we got a metabolic response from her lifting weights with short rest times.

Another example is BearWolf Clare. She competes in triathlons and has awesome cardiovascular fitness as a result. To supplement her runs/swims/cycling we focussed on getting her as strong as possible. How? Weights! As a result, she got faster.

Too many use sweat as the prime indicator of a good workout. In truth, a good workout is assessed by the highly measurable factor of ‘was progress made?’

If you lift weights progressively and consistently, you open up the most effective route to get the body you want. There is NO body that won't benefit from being stronger - so you better get started!