If you live in South London or Kent - This is a company I can fully recommend.

James, the owner of the company, is a long time BearWolf client and supplies us with some amazing meat that he cuts and prepares at Smithfield Meat Market, before delivering it to your door that day.

I honestly wouldn't recommend this if I didn't use and believe in it. I personally get enough meat to last me 3 different meals per day (usually beef steak, chicken and turkey), every week.

I spend a lot of time looking at peoples nutritional intake. Without a doubt, the most common issue I address first is getting in enough protein. To get a rough idea you should aim to get around 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. By having a convenient access to meat (that is also easy to store/freeze) you increase the opportunity to get the right intake of protein. This piece of the puzzle often regulates carbohydrate and fat intake too.

Aside from quantity and the fact that the meat doesn't shrink to half the size when you cook it - The quality is so much better than the water pumped crap you get in supermarkets and works out a damn site cheaper! Take a step back and see how much money you spend on meat in a week and check out Lean Meat Londons website here to compare.