We spend a great deal of time assessing the way that we coach and how it can be improved. It always comes back to the same thing - getting the basics right! The industry changes, and with the  progressions in science and technology, we must evolve with it.

The basics however, remain constant. The key is getting people to learn and apply that knowledge to get the most return for their effort. This led to a great deal of our focus is aiming towards helping people become ready for change. It's often that many people want to lose fat/build muscle etc, but wanting is simply not enough. Ultimately success is based off you following the correct actions consistently. Sounds simple, but the actions (no matter how basic or fundamental) don’t always fit in nicely with your lifestyle - with any change, comes some sacrifice. 

We see every one of our clients obstacles as a personal challenge. What solution will get the client results that they can actually apply to their lifestyle?

Its the element of our coaching that we find the most challenging and rewarding, as no two people are the same - it keeps us on our toes!

So if I were to pass one thing on to think about with this blog, it would be the following.

What is the smallest change you can make, that will provide the biggest effect?

Its probably more simple than you think!

Perhaps you may even find one in the articles below. Try one at a time, think about what you can apply to your life and focus on it until it becomes a habit. 

Read, Watch and Enjoy.

Yours in Health and Strength