How to Get Stronger

You may have heard people talk about ‘getting tight’ when it comes to being strong and its totally true.

Tension = Stability

Stability = Strength

If your muscles aren’t tight, you compromise your form and your potential to move that weight from A to B.

One overlooked factor in creating tension is your grip strength.


Hold out your hand.

Close your palm. You should feel your forearm contract.

Now squeeze your hand. You should now feel your upper arm contract too.

Now squeeze your hand in a white knuckle vice-like grip. You will now feel your entire arm, your shoulder, your chest and back contracting

Boom - Tension.

Now imagine how much that can come into use for deadlifts, bench press, pull-ups and even barbell squats. You grab that bar like you mean it, and you can switch on and stabilise your whole upper body.


1. Awareness

Now you are thinking about it apply it to your next lift. Before you pick up/unrack the bar - crush it! Create that tension and feel the difference. Over time, it will become easier! 

2. Grip pauses

On the last rep of a set of deadlifts, hold the bar in the top position for as long as you can, all the while trying to squeeze your hands as hard as possible. (Tongue sticking out optional). Try to increase the amount of time you can hold the bar for. Remember that even a 1 second pause extra is progress!

3. Farmers Walk

Pick up a heavy weight in each hand. Pin your shoulders back and down and take them for a walk. I set a distance that takes me roughly 10 seconds to walk. Again, as I move forward I’m squeezing the weights as hard as I can. When I reach the distance, I take 5 deep breaths and go again - Im done when I can no longer complete the 10 second distance.

4. Become a Captain of Crush

These are similar to those hand grippers you may have seen before, but by no means the same!

First off, they are tough to close. Seriously tough!

Secondly, you don’t do these whilst you absent mindly watch TV. You do them in sets and reps (Typically no more than 5 reps) over the course of the whole day. Mind blowing difference in grip strength! Check out the website HERE - If you are serious about strength you should defiantly get a set.


Follow the tips above consistently for a period of around 6 weeks and you will notice improvements on the majority of your lifts - simple!