So when we refer to giving your life balance, what we mean is making sure that you have other things in your life that are important to you. 

If we relate this back to a fitness goal, and if I use fat loss as an example, it is often the case that people try and make drastic changes straight out the gate, and deprive themselves of the things in life that they enjoy. 

Losing weight, the same as gaining weight is a gradual process that takes time to occur. It takes consistency and gradual change to make positive impacts on ones lifestyle. However it does NOT mean that you need to deprive yourself. 

I will NEVER deprive a client from the things they love. All I ask and teach them to do is moderate and make more suitable choices relative to their goal.

I believe that if a client adheres to their program 90% of the time, the remaining 10% can be used to provide the balance in their lives that will maintain adherence. 

For example if a client enjoys going out for a meal with the family at weekends as a way of bonding and catching up; and would normally eat a three course meal with drinks on the side, it is important that this is not discouraged. Although having three courses plus drinks is excessive and will not yield great fat loss results, on the other hand neither will depriving the client from what they enjoy. In this case compromise is essential. 

Choose a healthy main meal that is in line with nutritional guidelines set and reward with a pudding of your choice. The client still gets to enjoy some quality time bonding with the family, but has also minimised the impact that a meal of three courses and alcohol could have on their fat loss goal, all without being a grumpy bugger sitting in the corner while the rest of the family eat their ice creams