We take great pride in the BearWolf Training HQ. It is a truly awesome fitness environment. From the start, we set out to create a place that is different from the typical gym, and looked to create a facility where proper training was at the forefront. 

Everyone training at HQ has a goal and a plan! That means we don't have people swanning around the gym on their phones looking for something to do - They know what they are there for and get the job done. By creating this environment, we have also created a great community of like-minded individuals. Aside from helping people progress with their fitness, the facility has helped create many great friendships.

All of our coaches are awesome! We are so proud that they don the BearWolf logo and come to work under the watchful eye of our BearWolf. I could and have written much on how great they are, you only need to check the other blog posts, our social media or our 'About' section to find out how.

Then we filled our gym with some awesome equipment. Its all basic and all incredibly effective. Here are just some of the equipment you can expect to find at HQ

Then why not check out some of the equipment in action!