It has been a while since I wrote a blog post on the website. It is certainly something that I intend to do with more frequency from now on.

I'm writing this post with the aim on updating you guys on what is happening in the BearWolf camp in regard to our expanding team.

In the world of health and fitness, hiring is incredibly difficult. Throw a stone out of your window and you will hit a 'qualified' personal trainer. However, we weren't looking for people that were just qualified.

In order for myself, Scott and Andrew to expand the team without compromising our core value of providing honest, effective and sustainable coaching, we needed to look beyond the typical PT.

There are key qualities that only a small percentage of 'qualified' fitness professionals possess:

- An eye for actual coaching.

- A desire to learn and develop.

- To be honest and reliable.

Too many personal trainers cannot read movement, think that they know it all and can't even be trusted to show up to sessions on time. We will not allow BearWolf Training to become part of this problem. Instead, we persevered and found the right guys - and we couldn't be more pleased.


Our numbers have somewhat increased since my last blog post! Along with, myself, Scott and Andrew - these guys ARE BearWolf Training.

People may remember James Taylor, who returned from his HUGE trip around the world! Awesome to have him back on the team and his expertise on mobility and movement.

Francis Jones is a coach with a lot of experience. We jumped at the chance to have this incredible athlete join our ranks, lend his awesome squat to our video tutorials and whip his shirt off at any excuse. 

Mike Smalley is a powerlifter who is as smart as he is strong - and he is REALLY strong! 

Beth Cordey is our long awaited, first female coach. Her knowledge on kettlebells and group training contributes another level of experience to the team.

Pawel Bal is an endurance athlete in the truest sense of the word - he ran 156 miles across the Sahara desert, which Im sure you will agree, is mental!

and last, but not least, is our blonde bombshell - Ryan Robinson. Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach and actual Ninja.

We work very much as a collective as we want to accomplish far more than the typical coaches you will find on Instagram or at your local gym. We each have our strengths and weaknesses and communicate to develop each other.

Our frequent team meetings are always a laugh and a great learning experience.

Photo 23-08-2017.jpeg


Expanding the team has brought on a huge amount of knowledge and experience that we are incorporating into the services we provide. Our online system has undergone some big changes in our approach, down to us re-filming every exercise video and rethinking the way we tackle clients challenges when building healthy habits.

Much of this has been brought on by our mission of raising the standard of typical coaching practices. It would seem that many coaches are content with making their clients just 'feel stronger' (this is surprisingly easy to do) - We prefer to make clients MEASURABLY stronger! Its a quest that you can always be working at, and has inspired everything we do, and how we do it!

The main questions we always ask ourselves when tuning our method, be it a video, block of text or element of programming.

- Is it effective?

- Is it simple?

- Is it sustainable for the person in mind?

If the answer to any of the above is 'No', then it needs more work.

This path of reasoning is something I believe has become rarer in an ever expanding fitness industry. Social media has done a lot for fitness, but it has also diluted the quality. Now more than ever, quick fixes and unrealistic expectations seem to be at the forefront of fitness.

MANY can become personal trainers, FEW can actually coach. 

Our team of coaches have an eye for detail, why should our online system be any different?

As we continue to move forwards, we are looking ahead as to how we can give back to our followers and supporters. We want our content to add real value and help shape even more fitness journeys in the future.

Stay posted on social media

and keep getting at it!

All the best

Ben, Scott and Andrew