The deadlift is our favourite exercise! It ticks a lot of boxes, and provided you don't have any injuries or movement restrictions, should be a part of a plan towards pretty much any fitness goal.

It uses a large percentage of your body, which means it has a large effect on increasing strength and performance, expending energy and if done correctly, reducing your chance of injury.

Depending on how its structured into your plan, the deadlift can unlock your potential at building muscle, burning fat and being better at sport!

Simply put, unless you have a very good reason, you should be deadlifting or working towards one.


This blog/video is edited from a two and a half hour conversion amongst the BearWolf Training coaches that was aimed at us sharing our thoughts and ideas on the coaching elements of the exercise rather than as a coaching tool. I have edited it down significantly and broken it up into sections to make it easier for a newcomer to digest.

Those familiar with deadlifting may find useful cues and considerations that will improve their deadlift. Those newer to the exercise may struggle to collate all of the information, and if so, should seek more specific coaching. Take a look at our on site and online coaching options for information on the services that we can provide to help you.

At the most basic level, those that will benefit from this video should be able to perform a hip hinge with ease.


Coach Mike is the man that led the charge into this topic. As a powerlifter with the biggest deadlift in the team, he was best equipped to discuss the subtle nuances to the exercise that he has worked through in his extensive experience.

Mike - Strong Chap!

Mike - Strong Chap!


Without further ado - The Deadlift!


Break down the movement in the following sequence

  1. Stand approximately hip width with toes pointing forwards.
  2. Looking down, the bar should be in line with the bottom of your shoelaces.
  3. Grab the bar, just outside your legs, so that you give them enough room to drive up.
  4. Pull into the bar so that your armpits are directly above it.
  5. Grip hard and try to 'bend' the bar around your legs.
  6. Get everything as tight as possible and hold your breath.
  7. Peel the weight off the floor by pushing the floor away with your legs.
  8. Once you reach knee height, drive your hips forward aggressively (some may exhale).
  9. Keep your ribs pinned down as you come upright into a straight body posture.
  10. Roar like a wild BearWolf!

For more specific coaching, questions or comments - use the section below!

Happy Lifting!