2 Questions that can change your life!

  1. How would you like your life to be different. Be specific, think about the habits you follow, how you would feel and how your body would look/function.

  2. What is stopping you?

Lets make this ultra simple.

Question 1 helps you clarify what you want. Question 2 outlines the obstacles in your path.

All this does, is highlight the solutions that you need to find.

Still struggling?

Then try answering question 2 WITHOUT

  • Making excuses.

  • Blaming anyone else.

You will likely draw a loose solution

“I need to manage my time better”

“I need to care more about the food I eat”

“I need to look more long term”

That is all you are looking for, positive action!

Focus on the small change that will make you better than yesterday.

Its in your control - take it!