What is health?

Simply put, it is a mind/body that functions efficiently and effectively.

Unfortunately, we tend to only care about it when our health becomes a problem.

For example, how many times do you approach training/work wishing you had a better nights sleep?

It is not difficult to appreciate that improving your health puts you in a better position to tackle anything.

A great nights sleep has a huge impact on how you feel and function, so its worth your attention.

Obviously a medical professional will be able to assess your health in detail and plan towards improving it. 

We are not doctors, but we know some simple changes that can have a positive effect.

Along with being a more awesome version of yourself, you are more likely to be better in the gym and hit your goal more efficiently.

One way we do this is to address elements of your life that have room for improvement in making you feel better.

Once you do that, its all about building a habit that aids this element and makes you more awesome.

Join the BearWolf pack and learn how we do this.

If not, think about your fitness with a more holistic approach rather than just sets, reps, carbs, protein etc.