All of these exercises are some form of squat, executed nicely by coach Francis.

Sure, some of them are more difficult than others and require more demand on other parts of the body, but essentially they are all powered primarily through the legs.

Its really common to see people stick on one variation of an exercise, progress it well and then hit a plateu.

Adding variations reduces the chances of this happening for a couple of reasons.

The sometimes subtle differences will shift focus onto different muscles and condition them to better support your primary/preffered variation, making you stronger and less likely to get an injury.

Variations keep things interesting without deviating from the aim of the exercise/plan. The more interesting it is, the more likely you will keep motivated and consistent.

You get better at more stuff without comprimising your focus!

We suggest you equip yourself with 3 variations of a given exercise. Consider elements such as

  • Grip (e.g Chin ups to Pull ups)
  • Equipment (e.g Barbell Row to Dumbbell Row)
  • Positioning (e.g Standing shoulder press to Seated Shoulder Press)
  • Levels (e.g Reverse Lunge to Reverse Lunge off a step)

Just make sure you focus on the same primary muscle groups and utilise a similar movement pattern (pushing, pulling, squatting or hinging)

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