Improving a Simple Hip Stretch

Our hips can take a beating!!! 

spending prolonged periods of time sat down at your desk, in your car or on your sofa makes the front of your hips feel short and less mobile.

This is a really common hip stretch you often see in the gym, done in two ways. Which one do you think is more effective?


They both look fairly similar right?

Our winner is... (this only works if you scroll down at a very steady pace.)





Stretch 2!!! 

Heres why! 

With Stretch 1, we have a lazy mid-line and an forward tilt of the top of the pelvis which disengages one of our major hip flexors.


Stretch 2 is the correction - engage midline / ribs down and tuck the pelvis under ensuring that you squeeze the glute on the kneeling leg.



Make this small change and your hips will thank you!