With the Bespoke Nutrition option, our aim with your nutrition is to put you in the strongest possible position to achieve your goal. 

What you eat/drink and the quantities you consume them, are going to play a large role in how successful you will be. We are going to be looking at finding a way of eating that not only meets this requirement, but also fits in with your lifestyle so that it is sustainable. This part of the process is often the most difficult, but is vital in achieving results that last. It's also the factor that means we will only provide you with the information that you need to know, when you need to know it.


Like training, nutrition is a science. Over our many years of coaching we have found that the most successful clients are those that see food as an asset to improve their lives. Not just physically, but mentally.



We use a method of counting/weighing during the food journal you kept during your initiation via MyFitnessPal. This offers us an insight to your nutrition that we can work from, however we don't always feel that tracking food in this way is always the best step forwards. Everyone is different, and we look for the approach that is best suited to you and your goal.

There are two types of clients that we coach, and we will format your nutrition goals to meet that personality type.

Neither personality or approach is better than the other - its trying to find the best approach for you, your goal and your lifestyle.


This is the most common type of client that we deal with. This is for people looking on how to improve their nutrition with more flexibility. Their approach to nutrition will be based off assessing portions by eye and manipulating their intake with more flexibility. 



This is the kind of person that will weigh out and log every meal to meet specific numbers. Their approach will be delivered through calorie and macronutrient guidelines.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 09.48.07.png

For example, if we had the goal of increasing a persons protein intake over lunch, here is how the two approaches would differ.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 10.01.43.png

If you aren't sure which approach you are best suited to, we will recommend that you move forwards as a TYPE A.

As a general rule for all clients:

Food is a tool towards your goal that does not have to be used at the expense of your happiness and health. There will likely be elements of sacrifice, but your diet should be a positive experience that leaves you feeling better than ever before.