Nutrition is very specific. The best approach depends on the person, goal and lifestyle. The countless variables means that we often address certain elements in a different order for different clients, albeit under the same values and principles.

Because of this, the primary source of bespoke nutrition coaching will be done through the messenger service, which works very much like an email service on your dashboard. This glossary works very much as a supplement to the bulk of your coaching. Use it as a reference tool.

For anyone that buys a package with bespoke nutrition coaching, your assigned coach will send you a message once you complete your initiation that will explain how the nutrition coaching works and how they will work with you to strengthen the way you eat.

Again, communication will be key. So keep in touch with your coach and be sure to ask questions and keep them up to date with any struggles.

Our typical approach is as follows.

  • We will address elements of your diet that will provide the best results for the smallest effort.
  • We will explain how improving that element will be beneficial.
  • Together, we will set you short term goals based on improving that element.
  • Once we get it to a good place consistently, we will move on to the next change you can make.

Over time, this creates sustainable changes that provide real, healthy effects.

Ben WatersComment