Supplements put forward an appealing prospect!

Take this tablet/powder and it will aid your progress.

Sounds really simple and easy, so why not go out and buy a load?

Unfortunately, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. That's not to say that supplements do not have benefit. However, they will only yield their potential if you have your nutrition and hydration at a solid level. Once we establish solid foundations, we can look at enhancing it through supplements.

Typically speaking, supplements can be convenient solutions to improving any deficiencies in your diet.

They are also incredibly confusing. The supplement industry is oversaturated and full of false promises, so don't trust everything you see. They might seem like they can give you 'the edge', but that only really apply to those that have the fundamentals of their diet covered, if at all.

Those on a bespoke plan, do not worry about supplementation unless your coach addresses it. Instead, focus your efforts on the process goals and you will be far more successful. You won't be missing out!

For the subscription members. Once you feel that your diet is correct, introduce one supplement at a time so that you can see the positive effect that it has - if it doesn't, scrap it!

We recommend the products from Genetic Supplements as they are well regulated. We have no association with the company, but they are a credible source of supplementation. Only ever take supplements in the doses stated by each individual product and check with your doctor beforehand.

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