A workout plan consists of a collection of workouts that are tailored to you and your goal. When you click on a plan, there will be the following information:

Trainer Notes

A written brief on the workout plan - Read carefully and message your coach if you do not understand anything.

Trainer Video
A video brief on the workout plan - Watch carefully and message your coach if you do not understand anything.

Numbered Workouts
The workouts will be numbered in the order that you should perform them. Simply click to get an overview of the workout below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 14.31.25.png

This is where it's at! Look over your workout. It will be divided into various sections such as 'MOBILITY' or 'SQUAT MOVEMENTS'. Each section will contain exercises.

Click the 'Coach Me' button on any exercise to see information of the exercise, along with a video of the exercise being performed correctly by a BearWolf coach and what you should focus on in the exercise description. Be sure that you know what each exercise is BEFORE you go to the gym.


If you prefer pen and paper, you can print out your workout and take it to the gym by clicking the 'PRINT' button in the top right hand corner and update your workout log on the system by clicking the 'CHECK-IN' button.

We think its easier to access the system on a web enabled mobile phone/tablet and use the 'CHECK-IN' button whilst you train.

We want you to log every exercise to ensure you don't miss anything out. Simply input your numbers and be sure to click 'SAVE' to keep the log. When you repeat the workout, any previous logs will show in grey so that you have a target to beat and ensure that you progress.

Though your coach can look at your data, the log is primarily for your use. Use it to motivate you and inspire strength/fitness gains. This is the primary aim of all training.

In the event that you find an exercise particularly difficult, or if you cant progress it, message your coach so that they can help you.

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