Before every workout we recommend that you warm up.

The aim is to increase your heart rate and get your body warm without expending too much energy.

Many of our workout plans start with a mobility element. You will find these far easier to complete when your muscles aren't cold and restricted. 

The best way to warm up is to keep it simple. Personal favourites include the rowing machine, assault bike or a jog for approx 5 minutes. These exercises tend to get the whole body moving and are simple enough to do that you can focus on the workout ahead. As you are working through them, be sure to think about the order of the exercises you will perform, what you will need and where you will perform them. Consider the numbers that you are aiming to beat and how to break your personal best.

For information on how to warm up for weightlifting, please refer to the 'SETS' section of this glossary.

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