An acronym for 'Every minute on the minute'.

If you had a 5 minute EMOM where you were to complete 20 squats each round, you would.

- Set a timer

- Perform 20 squats when the timer starts, hits 1.00, 2.00,3.00, and 4.00

- The longer you take to complete the 20 squats, the less time you have to rest before the timer hits the minute mark and you have to complete the following round of 20 squats.


Sometimes you may alternate exercises as the clock hits the minute mark. For example, you could do an EMOM of a 100m sprint and 15 press ups on alternate minutes for 10 minutes. This would go as follows

START (0.00) - 100m sprint and rest

1.00 - 15 press ups and rest

2.00 - 100m sprint and rest

3.00 - 15 press ups


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