This is one of the deciding factors in how much time the muscles are spent under tension. When we specify tempo it means we want to achieve a particular effect.

(Be sure to read the 'Reps' section in this guide beforehand).

STANDARD - This is how you should perform reps unless we state otherwise. We are looking for roughly 2 seconds on the stretch and a short, sharp contraction.

FAST - This is you going through the rep as fast as you can, whilst maintaining good form. This is how you will perform repetitions during circuits etc.

SLOW - This tempo will be roughly 4 seconds on the stretch of an exercise and a short, sharp contraction. We may also include a hold in the most stretched position of the movement. The aim of slow tempo work is to focus on movement quality and create additional demand with lighter weight.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of each tempo with a basic squat.

BASICSBen Waters