Mobility is the key to increasing your strength potential whilst reducing your risk of injury.
If you move better, you will be more efficient and not suffer from aches and pains in the future as you reduce the likelihood of putting yourself in compromising postures.

Unfortunately, mobility is probably the most under appreciated element of health and fitness. People think about lifting weights, going out for a run or playing a particular sport than stretching and mobilising. 

People also don't know enough about mobility. You need a knowledge of movement and anatomy that can be difficult to acquire - Thats where we come in.We read your movement through the screening process in the initiation and assign you a tailored mobility drill to strengthen the positions you can get into.

A mobility drill is simply a collection of movements/stretches that aim to achieve at least one of the following factors.

  • Increased range of motion in a given joint.
  • Switching on a given muscle/group of muscles so that they are ready for exercise.
  • Improving your control of your body so that it moves better.

All of these elements combine into creating better movement and a stronger you, making it vital in achieving not only more efficient results, but better results.