This technique is used to maintain/improve connective tissue that sits just below the skin, wraps and connects the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels of the body. This gives the feeling of reduces tension in a muscle and free up its movement.

Normally you will place your muscle on top of a roller or ball, whether your on your back, sitting, on your front or on your side. This allows you to get adequate pressure on the roller. You should be able to control and adjust the pressure that you apply on the roller. 

You are looking for areas of acute discomfort. If 1 is comfortable and 10 is unbearable, you are looking for about a 7. Once you have found the targeted area, position the roller exactly on top of the hotspot and start really small movements backwards and forwards, rolling over the hotspot. It's normal for this to feel uncomfortable but try and stick with it, adjusting the pressure as needed. Repeat on that target area until the discomfort starts to subside.  Once you feel the it subside (it won't go completely) you should then flush the muscle to help speed the process of improving the connective tissue. This means long rolling movements across the entire muscle. Spend approx 1-2 minutes on a given muscle.

The aim is to feel comfortable rolling any major muscle group. In order to achieve this aim, you are best rolling little and often. The best times include

  • Before Training
  • After Training
  • Before Bed
  • Rest Days